Working Group and Management Committee Meetings

"Rez de Jardin", Level 1, Hôpital Sud, Rennes, France

11-13 May, 2000


(some of the presentations are downloadable in PDF-format)

Thursday 11th May Start 14.30

Meeting Introduction: J de Certaines, Y Rolland

Working Group 3 Chairman:                                         L R Schad (D)

Test object construction  (PDF)                                           Schad (D)

Measurement Protocols  (PDF)                                            Schad (D)

Preparation of new type of phantoms                                Hajek, Jirak (CZ)

Results of test object measurements  (PDF)                        Zuna (D)

3D Texture (PDF)                                                                 Zuna (D)

Signal-to-noise problems  (PDF)                                          Lundervold (NO)

Vascular models                                                                Bezy (F)

Friday 12th May Start 09.15

Working Group 1 Chairman:                                         A Materka (PL)

Report on software (PDF)                                                     Materka (PL)

Wavelet techniques                                                            Unser (CH)

Characterization and synthesis of image

texture based on pairwise interactions                               Zalezny (CH)

Segmentation and multichannel possibilities (PDF)              Domingo (E)

Texture analysis and dynamic MRI                                     Eliat (F)

Workstation (including visit to Radiology)                            Rolland (F)

Working Group 2 Chairman: M Hajek (CZ)

Report on Cirrhotic Liver                                                 Jirak, Hajek, Taimr and Dezortova (CZ)

MS dataset from Basel (PDF)                                             Szekely (CH)

MS analysis (PDF)                                                             Szekely (CH)

Texture analysis of cadaverous kidney                            Strzelecki (PL) and Hajek (CZ)

Muscle of the knee texture analysis                                Herlidou (F)

Muscle of the face texture analysis                                 Mahmoud (F)

(Video conference cancelled, no device available)

Working Group 4 Chairman:                                      Y Rolland (F)

Which goals for osteoporosis?                                         Andran (F)

Acquisition parameters                                                   Herlidou (F)

Vienna update                                                                Langenberger (AT)

Assessing osteoporosis with MRI                                    Allein (B)

Animal study 1                                                               Chappard, (F)

Animal study 2                                                               Guggenbuhl (F)

Social Dinner

Saturday 13th May Start 09.15

Plenary session Chairman:                                        R Lerski (UK)

Management Committee of COST B11

Chairman                                                                      R Lerski (UK)